Previous Winners & Judges Feedback

All winners can request feedback from the judges about why they won for use in press releases, marketing material, brochures, advertisements, on their website etc. This service is included in the entry fee so there is no additional cost. Here are a selection of comments for past winners:


Commenting on the Best Innovation award to GRITIT, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Nothing's worse for business than the an unexpected heavy snowfall or deep frost with the inevitable consequence of disruption on the roads. With a record of being at the forefront of technological advances, GRITIT has introduced an innovative weather derivatives product that gives customers a peace of mind guaranteed pay-out without them having to claim in the event of severe weather. With sophisticated tracking software the company is also able to offer a more efficient service - another example of best use of innovation.”

Visit the GRITIT Website

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust

Commenting on the Best Health and Safety Award (Public Sector) to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“The NNUH has been operating a robust health and safety policy at its hospitals and outpatient departments for some time, with significant beneficial outcomes for staff, patients and visitors. One of the most noticeable differences is an incident rate that is almost half the average across the health service. The commendable procedures the NNUH has in place with regard to risk assessment and health and safety are second to none, and in particular the trust's multidisciplinary approach is to be commended for excellence.”

Visit the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust Website

Nationwide Building Society

Commenting on the Best Corporate Social Responsibility award to the Nationwide Building Society, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Personal debt is the single largest issue that volunteers of Citizens Advice deal with, accounting for 2.4 million of 7.1 million total new inquiries to the organisation in 2009/10. The Nationwide has shown great foresight and social responsibility by linking up with the charity to train 1,300 more volunteers so they can give advice on financial management. Just half way through Nationwide's three-year MoneyActive scheme, many of the targets have already being met. The project is an excellent example of a clearly-focused CSR initiative that is making a real difference with many long-term benefits for all those involved.”

Visit the Nationwide Building Society Website


Commenting on the Best Innovation award to CitySprint, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“CitySprint is changing the face of online retail by significantly improving the service to customers with faster, more efficient delivery. The company has done more than most to bring online retail fully up to speed with traditional High Street shopping by offering a service seven days a week including bank holidays for deliveries in and around major towns and cities. By establishing an extensive distribution network and use of an innovative tracking system, CitySprint has succeeded where many others have previously failed. The advances they have introduced are a great example of best innovation making a step change in service for customers.”

Visit the CitySprint Website

South Gloucestershire Council: Street Care

Commenting on the Best Procurement award to South Gloucestershire Council's Street Care, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“The council has pioneered a new approach to procurement that has opened up new opportunities for local SMEs to engage in council projects as 'best in class' for each particular aspect of service. This is in contrast to the current trend of local authorities partnering with single organisations. Among the benefits to the council are boosting the local economy, reducing its carbon footprint by using local companies and making savings which will total up to ??500,000 a year in the highway sector. This innovative new approach is an excellent example of bold and smart sourcing.”

Visit the South Gloucestershire Council: Street Care Website

Southern Regional College

Commenting on the Best Communication award to Southern Regional College, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Faced with the challenge of developing a new communications strategy in four areas - a new prospectus, increased media coverage, enhancing web services and greater use of social media - the team at Southern Regional Council has delivered outstanding results across the board. The new prospectus has a fresh, clean look, while the updated website is bright and modern with clear, easy-to-use navigation. There is no doubt the council has achieved its objectives with great success, resulting in a big increase in student recruitment. The initiative shows the power of well-planned and integrated communications campaign.”

Visit the Southern Regional College Website
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Uxbridge College

Commenting on the Best Further and Higher Education Provider award to Uxbridge College, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“With 40 years experience, Uxbridge College has recently developed a number of strategic and innovative partnerships with major employers that puts the college at the heart of the community. Among the partnerships are an apprenticeship programme with British Airways, an Employer Champion Scheme and a close link-up with Uxbridge Mall Pavilions Shopping Centre including research into the shopper experience. Such sustained engagement with the local community, and responsiveness to the needs of local employers show Uxbridge College is at the forefront of best practice in contemporary education.”

Visit the Uxbridge College Website

Warrington Collegiate

Commenting on the Best Health and Safety award to Warrington Collegiate, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Warrington Collegiate has made huge strides in health and safety, going from a rating of 3 to the highest level of 1 in three years. This has followed the introduction of a wide-ranging series of measures to improve health and safety including weekly safety audits. Now the college has been sharing its best practice with other colleges as well as winning plaudits from leading health and safety organisations. What a transformation and congratulations to Warrington Collegiate on raising standards so effectively.”

Visit the Warrington Collegiate Website

Professional Driver Services

Commenting on the Best Innovation award to Professional Driver Services, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Faced with a steep rise in the number of drivers being sent on speed awareness courses after breaking the speed limit, Professional Driver Services has demonstrated outstanding skill in innovation by creating an electronic software package Atlas to efficiently and effectively handle the increase in administration. Rigorously tested before being put into operation, the system was successful from the outset and has delivered significant cost savings. As such, it is an outstanding example of innovation at its best.”

Visit the Professional Driver Services Website


Commenting on DLP's Best Customer Focus Award, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“A breath of fresh air in the employment law sector, DLP offers a real alternative to the traditional law firm. Their 'hands on' 'on site' approach ensures that issues are addressed before they become a crisis. This proactive, client centric approach includes the provision of advice, tailor made HR policies, payroll services and recruitment as well as handling all aspects of redundancy, disciplinary matters, staff sickness or absenteeism. An all-encompassing and professional service at a competitive price.”

Visit the DLP Website

KnowledgePoint Ltd

Commenting on the Best Innovation Award for KnowledgePoint Ltd, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“KnowledgePoint has revolutionised the publication of material in the education sector, such as university prospectuses, by creating an unique online process which allows a fully bespoke, on-demand service. This means for instance that prospective students can create their own individually-tailored prospectus, available to download and/or receive in the post. This is a stunning example of best innovation with many advantages both for the end user, and the customer who commissions the service. Top marks go to KnowledgePoint for developing a major advance in publishing technology.”

Visit the KnowledgePoint Ltd Website

Andrew Ratcliffe, Managing Director of Dorel (UK) Ltd

Commenting on the Outstanding Personal Achievement Award to Andrew Ratcliffe, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Andrew Ratcliffe has a hugely impressive track record in a wide variety of companies in the consumer manufacturing sector where he has demonstrated great entrepreneurial flair in turning around sometimes struggling businesses. With an approachable and reassuring management style, his most recent success has been taking the Maxi-Cosi baby and child car seat brand from a small operation to ??55 million market leader. He has earned the respect of the industry and is now Chairman of the Baby Products Association - a real achiever who has also demonstrated great versatility and outstanding success in every sector he has worked in.”

Visit the Andrew Ratcliffe, Managing Director of Dorel (UK) Ltd Website


Commenting on the Best Employer Award to Redseven, Mr Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“In terms of employee training, career development, employee benefits, perks and workplace environment, Redseven is clearly in a class of its own. The commitment to creating an outstanding workplace shines through in every aspect of the company's operation from the moment a new starter is taken on to ongoing career and skill development. Redseven can be proud of the high standards the company has set that goes beyond normal requirements. Never mind seven, Redseven deserves 10 out of 10 as Best Employer!”

Visit the Redseven Website

Arc Property Solicitors

Commenting on the Best Customer Focus Award for Arc Property Solicitors, Chairman of the Judges Andrew Areoff said::

“Arc Property Solicitors have put customers first as they have developed innovative news ways designed to ease the stress of moving house or home. Their Client Services Team is a first for the profession and demonstrates their deep commitment to customer service, while the online tracking system is an enterprising use of technology to improve efficiency and keep clients fully informed. Ranked among the top 200 law firms in the country, Arc Property Solicitors are rising stars with an innovative new approach to customer relations.”

Visit the Arc Property Solicitors Website

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

Commenting on the Best Product/Service Range Award for Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, Chairman of the Judges Andrew Areoff said::

“In the highly competitive and crowded market place of beauty products, Heaven Health and Beauty stands out with an innovative range of products and treatments in a niche sector that is earning a worldwide reputation. Based on natural ingredients, they are being expertly marketed by Deborah Mitchell and have acquired a strong brand identity, essential for the future growth of the company.”

Visit the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Website

Brownsword Group’s Credit Hire Validation

Commenting on the Best New Product/Service Award to the Brownsword Group Ltd, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“The Brownsword Group's innovative Credit Hire Validation service has proved highly successful, with average savings of more than ??3,500 per claim that is investigated. The service is a valuable new resource in the fight against insurance fraud - which is good news for the industry and consumers. The Brownsword Group is to be congratulated for identifying an area that was open to abuse and developing a specialised service to expose irregularities at such an affordable price.”

Visit the Brownsword Group’s Credit Hire Validation Website

CyDen Ltd

Commenting on the Best Innovation Award to CyDen Ltd, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“CyDen has lead the way in the advancement of intense pulsed light technology with the creation of a range of market-leading hair removal products that can be used in the home. Under the name Boots Smooth Skin, the iPulse Personal models are the biggest selling electrical beauty product sold by Boots with overseas sales expanding rapidly in Europe, the Far East and Australia. The way CyDen has converted technological advance into highly practical application, for use in the home and professionally, is to be commended as an outstanding example of innovation at its best.”

Visit the CyDen Ltd Website

Drink Me Chai

Commenting on Drink Me Chai's Best Small to Medium Size Business Award, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Starting out with a number of mobile tea stands at railway stations, Amanda Hamilton's company has grown into a leading specialist tea business with her Drink Me Chai brand stocked in all the major supermarkets and exported to eight countries. Showing entrepreneurial flair, an early breakthrough was persuading Tesco to stock her Chai Latte in 250 stores. Passionate about customer service and her brand, Amanda Hamilton's Drink Me Chai is an outstanding example of a successful niche business in a competitive market full of conglomerate global players.”

Visit the Drink Me Chai Website

Lancaster and Morecambe College

Commenting on Lancaster and Morecambe College's Best Procurement Award, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“At a time when the public sector is under increasing financial pressure, Lancaster and Morecambe College has spearheaded an innovative new approach to joint procurement which has delivered more than ??750,000 in efficiency savings - a highly impressive figure by any standard. By achieving more for less, the college has set a beacon example for other public sector organisations to follow. It is also excellent to see the college seeking to build stronger community links and doing more business locally to boost the local economy.”

Visit the Lancaster and Morecambe College Website


Commenting on Sky's Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Sky staff have truly excelled in their commitment to the company's Corporate Social Responsibility programme with just under 30% volunteering their time and expertise to help partner organisations in the arts, sport and the environment. In addition, the staff have raised ??100,000 for a rainforest project in Brazil, and the company has matched individual and team fund-raising for charities that are important to employees. The company and employees are to be applauded for making such a real difference to people at local, national and international level.”

Visit the Sky Website


Commenting on's Award for Best Marketing, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges said::

“Just-Eat is certainly savouring success after a well-devised and brilliantly executed marketing campaign which has driven people to their website and to use their service. What is also remarkable is the very high conversion rates of visitors to the website with more than one in four opting to use the service after going on the internet site. TV adverts were cleverly timed to coincide with peak periods for take-away consumption on a seasonal and monthly basis and there is a highly impressive integrated approach with social media strategy on Facebook and Twitter.”

Visit the Just-Eat.Co.Uk Website

Perfect Storm Media

Commenting on Perfect Storm Media's Award for Best Innovation, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges said::

“Perfect Storm Media have managed to succeed in an area that up to now has been difficult to achieve - creating a Pay-per-Sale search engine marketing system rather than the Pay-per-Click approach that tends to dominate online marketing. The sophisticated technology devised by Perfect Storm Media also tracks leads back to the keyword used, crucial information in the optimisation strategy. The system is an excellent example of innovation at its best that puts Perfect Storm Media at the forefront of technological advance in business.”

Visit the Perfect Storm Media Website

EA Technology

Commenting on EA Technology Group's Award for Best Product/Service Range, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“EA Technology Group has enjoyed spectacular growth over the last five years thanks to its development of the UltraTEV Detector range which has revolutionized electrical activity detection in the power engineering industry. The hand-held equipment has rightly been hailed a breakthrough and the company continues to invest in the product by developing major upgrades and improved models. With EA Technology Group expanding around the world, the company is certainly one to watch.”

Visit the EA Technology Website

Ve Interactive Ltd

Commenting on Ve Interactive Ltd's Award for Best New Business, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said::

“Recent research has highlighted an area of concern that has accompanied the rise in online shopping. This the very high number of transactions - 88% -- that are abandoned compared with traditional methods of shopping and trading. Ve Interactive has developed an online tool that captures that data and allows companies to re-market to those potential customers who abandon transactions. With a conversion rate of more than 40% for those who are remarketed to, Ve Interactive has acquired an impressive number of major clients and is an outstanding example of Best New Business.”

Visit the Ve Interactive Ltd Website