Previous Winners & Judges Feedback

All winners can request feedback from the judges about why they won for use in press releases, marketing material, brochures, advertisements, on their website etc. This service is included in the entry fee so there is no additional cost. Here are a selection of comments for past winners:

Ladybird Photography

Best Customer Focus

Commenting on Ladybird Photography, the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Ladybird Photography is an adept company that takes advantage of every opportunity that comes its way. It focuses on providing photographic services for the less well off in East Sussex for events such as christenings, weddings and portraits. In recent years, it gained from switching to digital technology cutting out the need for leather-bound albums, which dramatically cut costs. More recently, it reinvented itself again with a funeral celebrancy service, which involves officiating at services and managing the live streaming of funerals to remote mourners. Ladybird Photography is sharp and nimble, and quick to find new angle.”

Roads Transport Authority

Best Innovation

Commenting on Roads Transport Authority, the winner in the Best Innovation category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Dubai’s government-run Roads Transport Authority (RTA) is a pioneer of digital transformation for improving its transport systems. Its latest project – Rail Infrastructures Maintenance Management System – for Dubai Metro and tram radically improves inspection and maintenance. The advanced system keeps track of every aspects of running a rail service including assets, risks, maintenance, budgeting and annual capital expenditure with results displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard. Congratulations to RTA for developing a complex system that digitises all rail maintenance helping it to meet the travel demands of one of the world’s fastest growing cities.”

Visit the Roads Transport Authority Website

Correct Careers Coaching

Best New Product / Service (less than 2 years old)

Commenting on Correct Careers Coaching, the winner in the Best Product/Service (less than two years old) category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Sales training company Correct Careers Coaching has proved that it practices what it preaches judging by its impressive sales trajectory. The company provides training in modern sales techniques using social media marketing to generate leads. In only a few years, it has given sales training to more than 28 different industry sectors including start-ups; and diversified with an online B2B sales training course for HR consultants. Another unique product is its sales psychology course for beginners to elite sales professionals, which sounds absolutely fascinating. With sales leads vital for any business, this is must-have training for any business looking to win new clients.”

Visit the Correct Careers Coaching Website

NKD Pizza

Best Product / Service Range

Commenting on NKD Pizza, the winner in the Best Product/Service category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Just when you thought that there was nothing new anyone could do with pizza, well-established UK restaurant group NKD Pizza has come with the first on-the-go pizza slice concept. The Slice by NKD is being sold at kiosks located in Euro Garages sites across the UK, where there is a plentiful supply of hungry drivers. The pizza slices are freshly baked and made with local ingredients; and come with quirky names such as ‘Garden Party’ and ‘In a hurry for pepperoni’. The branding and marketing for Slice by NKD is stylish and fun; and the Slice by NKD is a certain winner with pizza lovers.”

Visit the NKD Pizza Website

Addo Food Group

Best Customer Focus

Commenting on Addo Food Group, the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“By being forward thinking and focusing on customer service and new product development, Addo Food Group has seen sales for its chilled savoury pastry products double in the past six years. Addo Food carefully watches trends and in line with the wellbeing movement, it launched a new vegan range for the Walls brand. It rose to the challenge at the height of the pandemic by switching to 24 hours production for key products to meet demand. Congratulations to Addo Food for ensuring that customer’s needs are met and retailers are not left with empty shelves. ”

Visit the Addo Food Group Website


Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on CCI, the winner in the Outstanding Support during Covid-19 category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Well done to CCI, a multinational beverage company, for placing human health and safety at the core of its business early on in the pandemic. Communicating in a crisis with a staff of 8,500 people across multiple countries is not easy. CCI’s wide ranging virtual communications strategy for staff, dealers and the public, including information videos and livestreaming from the CEO, helped to keep the company running almost as normal. The result of its excellent communication and safely management strategy is that CCI managed to keep its production operations running at full capacity, which is simply incredible.”

Visit the CCI Website
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X4 Group Ltd

Best Employer

Commenting on X4 Group Ltd, the winner in the Best Employer category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Global recruitment business X4 Group is highly deserving of this award for putting job security first for its staff during the pandemic. By acting quickly in a crisis and realigning its entire business in the UK, USA and New Zealand with more resilient markets, it has retained all its staff and continued with its graduate recruitment programme. The judges were particularly impressed by X4 Group’s meritocratic structure that sees many trainees rise to the top. X4 Group’s excellent range of staff benefits and its improved track record in gender and equality, makes it a great place to work.”

Visit the X4 Group Ltd Website


Best Small to Medium-sized Business

Commenting on Salonology, the winner in the Best Small to Medium-sized Business category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“After successfully running a day spa and beauty salon, Hollie and Ryan Power capitalised on their knowledge and launched Salonolgy to offer coaching to salon owners to help them become more successful. With salons more or less closed down by the pandemic, Salonlogy has given its industry a real boost by running a daily Facebook group that has helped salon owners become more positive and think beyond Covid-19. Well done to Hollie and Ryan for staging a double-act and creating a community that has given salon owners much more than coaching but vital support through an extremely difficult time.”

Visit the Salonology Website

WePlay Esports

Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on WePlay Esports, the winner in the Outstanding Support During Covid-19 category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Ukraine-based gaming company WePlay Esports has risen to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic by running a charitable event called WeSave! Charity Play. Organised in record time, WeSave! Charity Play, an online Dota 2 marathon, took place in March 2020 with twenty-four teams participating. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for CEPI, a vaccines research organisation, and GlobalGiving, a global charity that provides medical aid, WePlay Esports has put its talents to good use and played its part in the development of vaccines to combat Covid19 virus.”

Visit the WePlay Esports Website


Best Customer Focus

Commenting on Akbank, the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Akbank, one of the largest banks in Turkey, has transformed the Call Center into Customer Contact Center to become a customer and user experience focused "Experience Center" that offers proactive sales and services with analytical support, complementing digital channels. Not only during the call, but also before and after call experience and expectation of customer which is refer to omnichannel experience was designed to provide the best experience. While meeting the customers's and staffs’ needs, integrated solutions were developed in all relevant channels. Congratulations to Akbank for improving customer experience and creating more loyalty.”

Visit the Akbank Website

Progress Care

Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on Progress Care, the winner in the Outstanding Support During Covid-19 category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“After seeing the devastation Coronavirus was causing in Italy earlier in 2020, Progress Care was quick to lock down earlier than other care homes to protect its vulnerable residents both young and old. Non-essential visitors were asked not to attend care homes, virtual forms of communication were set up so residents could keep in touch with loved ones, and community staff were reassigned to other roles such as drivers, helping staff to avoid public transport. Congratulations to Progress Care for having the foresight to act quickly and keep people safe.”

Visit the Progress Care Website


Best Customer Focus

Commenting on BroadwayHD the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Although the curtains are down because of the global pandemic, BroadwayHD has brought the magic of theatre to people all around the world with its online digital streaming subscription service of live stage productions. By upgrading the platform and giving people access to the service across all devices, offering a free trial and constantly expanding its library of productions, BroadwayHD has doubled its customer base. Well done to BroadwayHD for helping people to chase off lockdown blues by watching their favourite stage show from the comfort on own home.”

Visit the BroadwayHD Website


Best Innovation

Commenting on BroadwayHD the winner in the Best Innovation category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Congratulations to BroadwayHD for being the first to introduce a subscription service offering online streaming of well-known stage productions, such as 42nd Street, Cats and Miss Saigon, to theatre lovers all around the world. Developing the platform was a considerable challenge. However, the recent upgrade, which is a next-generation video-on-demand service that operates across multiple platforms and devices, makes the service even more widely available. The secret of BraodwayHD’s success is the high-quality digital recording of stage productions using high-definition cameras that captures the magic of theatre and makes people feel they are sitting in the front row.”

Visit the BroadwayHD Website

VIP Daycare Centre

Best Innovation

Commenting on VIP Daycare Centre, the winner in the Best Innovation category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“After becoming aware of how expensive and inadequate dementia care facilities can be, trained dementia specialist Natalie Allcock realised that there was an urgent need for a new approach. To provide high quality care at a reasonable cost, Natalie launched VIP Day Centre in Worcestershire. People with dementia are given individual care with specialists brought in when needed. That was five years ago and today the company has two care centres and Natalie is looking to franchise the business. Congratulations to VIP Daycare Centre for improving standards of care and providing urgently needed dementia care services.”

Visit the VIP Daycare Centre Website

Gallagher Group

Outstanding Entrepreneur

Commenting on Pat Gallagher of the Gallagher Group, the winner in the Outstanding Entrepreneur category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Pat Gallagher has all the qualities of a shrewd entrepreneur. It all started in 1973 with a JCB digger, an instinct about ragstone quarries in Kent and a truckload of ambition. Today Pat’s construction company Gallagher Group is a multi-million-pound business with a staff of 500 people. Pat has also made significant donations to many local organisations including Maidstone Football Club and a host of charities. His commitment to training young people in construction is impressive. Congratulations to Pat for his outstanding contribution to business and his generosity to his community.”

Visit the Gallagher Group Website

New Skills Academy

Outstanding Personal Achievement

Commenting on New Skills Academy, the winner in the Outstanding Personal Achievement category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Congratulations to Chris Morgan for being the first to dream up the idea of leisure learning where people learn about a subject out of interest and enjoyment. While fighting his inner demons, he battled on and set up online training company New Skills Academy in 2014, which has now become a family-run business. Today New Skills Academy is a runaway success offering 740 online accredited courses in 23 categories in the UK and USA. Business was slow at first but with online learning becoming almost the norm, Chris got in first and is streaks ahead of the market.”

Visit the New Skills Academy Website

The Success Door

Outstanding Entrepreneur

Commenting on Ms Neetu Rishi, founder of The Success Door, the winner in the Outstanding Entrepreneur category, the chairman of the judges said: :

“Ms Neetu Rishi, who describes herself as a passionpreneur, has spread the word about entrepreneurialism and helped many young people achieve their dreams through her mentoring and image company The Success Door based in Texas, USA. To date, she has personally mentored more than 250 pupils and many of them have gone on to achieve great success in business. She’s even taken on three high school leavers herself. Neetu has a great understanding of the power of words and is gifted at influencing and motivating people.”

Visit the The Success Door Website


Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on Dr Sefaakor Adjo Ahiaku, the winner in the Outstanding Support during Covid-19 category, the chairman of the judges said:

“With the future uncertain for final years students and foundation dentists as they transition to work during the pandemic, Dr Sefaakor Adjo Ahiaku launched an online mentoring service called Mentors4Dentists. Her first Q&A session with a few colleagues attracted a handful of final year students and three months later it has attracted more than 1,000 dental students from all around the country. Congratulations to Sefaakor for building her platform into an established educational tool and bridging the gap in education for dentists about to start work.”

Visit the Mentors4Dentists Website


Best Corporate Social Responsibility

Commenting on Custom-Media, the winner in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility category, the chairman of the judges said:

“With many people’s livelihoods lost because of the global pandemic, Custom-Media in Japan came to the rescue with the launch of Connect, a free digital marketing platform that offers companies, charities and individuals a chance to promote themselves to new audiences. Connect has put businesses and individuals in touch, created a total reach of 5,000 plus on social media, raised funds for charities and generated business leads. This is a brilliant effort by Custom-Media that has given give Japan a real boost in these challenging and unprecedented times.”

Visit the Custom-Media Website

KuKu Connect

Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on KuKu Connect, the winner in the Outstanding Support during COVID-19 category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Throughout the pandemic, business networking organisation KuKu Connect has given selflessly to the wider commercial community by putting its business activities on hold and focusing on helping other companies. Subscription fees were paused and it offered a range of free services to companies including a daily video bulletin, humorously called Carry on KuKu, offering business tips and calls for funding raising for PPE. The KuKu Cocktail Hour Facebook networking event was another great idea. Well done to KuKu Connect for being a positive force during a national crisis.”

Visit the KuKu Connect Website

RapidValue Solutions

Outstanding Support during Covid-19

Commenting on RapidValue Solutions, the winner in the Outstanding Support during COVID-19 category, the chairman of the judges said:

“During the pandemic crisis, RapidValue Solutions put its staff first and made a brilliant effort to protect jobs, keep its people safe and maintain customer service. There have been no layoffs or pay cuts and annual bonuses were still paid. To support working at home, the company made sure people had the right equipment and innovative ways were deployed to keep staff engaged. Customers were supported with excellent communication from the delivery teams. RapidValue’s response was well planned and executed enabling it to run almost as normal without disruption to customers.”

Visit the RapidValue Solutions Website

Y2 Learn Driver Training

Best Small to Medium-sized Business

Commenting on Neil Wrightman owner of Y2 Learn Driver Training, the winner in the Best Small to Medium-Sized Business category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Neil Wrightman’s passion for road safety has led him to create a highly successful business Y2 Learn Driver Training that trains driving instructors to the highest level and become a partner in a road safety company The Honest Truth. To his credit, Neil has won a host of awards and this one is equally deserving. Congratulations to Neil for building an outstanding business that has grown by word of mouth and becoming a leading ambassador for road safety in his locality of Leicestershire.”

Visit the Y2 Learn Driver Training Website

Beauty Works

Outstanding Entrepreneur

Commenting on Penelope Cheshire, founder of Beauty Works, the winner in the Outstanding Entrepreneur category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Congratulations to Penelope Cheshire for building a £50 million global brand in only a decade that sells hair extensions to 180 countries. After setting up Beauty Works in 2009, a she sold it 10 years later to a US conglomerate and continues to run the British operations. It is also commendable that Penelope supports women from underprivileged backgrounds in Manchester helping them to get ahead in the workplace. Growth of the business is incredible and even in the pandemic it has continued to thrive. Penelope is one of the UK’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.”

Visit the Beauty Works Website

Chíc Creations Heaven (CCH Property Services) Ltd

Best Small to Medium-sized Business

Commenting on Chíc Creations Heaven Property Services, the winner in the Outstanding Best Small to Medium Size Business category, the chairman of the judges said:

“The owner of Chic Creations Heaven Property Services Daniel Matthew Foster has transformed his life and the life of others by buying a few rusty old tools on Facebook and starting a gardening and handyman service. By training homeless people in building skills, the company soon expanded to offer an extended range of building services. Chic Creations has proven that it has a great business model and, post-Covid, there is no doubt that it will achieve its ambitious plans for franchising and converting derelict buildings into hostels.”

Visit the Chíc Creations Heaven (CCH Property Services) Ltd Website